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About The Area

Northwest Montana which includes the Eureka, Rexford, Trego, and Fortine areas is noted for a quiet place to live. The area is one of the last  Best Places in the country! You have so many opportunities to recreate, vacation, retire, raise a family and just about any kind of life you wish to live and be respected and left alone!

You can build a home without a building permit, yep, Lincoln County is truly a western Frontier Town without a building department. That is correct, you cannot get a permit to build a home if you wanted to!

NW Montana is home to Libby, Eureka, Rexford, Fortine and Trego with each town offering their own flavor and an important part of western history!

This area of Montana has many thousands of acres of Kootenai National forest Lands and many area lakes which offers unlimited possibilities in recreation ! With Rexford and Lake Koocanusa just 10 minutes away, Glen Lake, and Dickey all close by there are so many opportunities for fishing and recreation !

Flathead County is just to the south and offers everything imaginable in shopping, fine dining and has 2 state of the art hospitals with North Valley Hospital In Whitefish and Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Kalispell.

NW Montana is noted for its mild climate, many folks when they hear about Montana think of snow and cold and while that is true, we do have winter and it can get cold there is a world of difference in NW Montana when compared with eastern Montana when you get into the areas east of the Continental Divide you have entered a world of much colder temperatures and winds and blowing snow then Lincoln County Montana! The area is also noted for clean alpine air, can you imagine living in an area where having air conditioning is optional? That is the case in NW MT! Pretty much every night cools down to a very comfortable temperature and even in the daytime we barely know what humidity feels like !

The area is noted for wonderful gardening opportunities and grows apples, apricots, plums and strawberries in abundance, one of the nice things about gardening and raising fruit in NW Montana is that you can get by with much less insecticides then  some other parts of the country.

NW MT has a diverse abundance of wildlife, with Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, Grizzly bear, Black Bear, Bobcat, Lynx and all kinds of birds and waterfowl make their home here as well.